What’s are assignment? Keep looking….

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Title: What’s are assignment? Keep looking……!
Text: Luke 14:14-33
1. In every era, God has had an assignment for us. What is our assignment?
-the blessing of God should be seen in our lives.
2. How do we know that God is working? In the power of the spirit, the Word, and His custom-fellowship.
Led by the spirit, wisdom, and relational
3. What a declaration-Today! He is the Messiah!
-expect opposition when you step out to change something.
4. The response? Background? Disbelief! Provincialism! History? Rage! Silence! You?
– when God calls you to do something no matter your background step into your authority and do it.
Rage- if they’re not getting mad then you might not be doing your job.
– one thing that’s wrong…the silent majority.
-How would you respond?
5. Why? Introspection is looking in the mirror.
Never done before- allow God to do something new in you.
Limited resources…..try distributing equally.
6. Education, crime,drugs,racism, poverty, environmental, healthcare and disunity.
-we must address the disunity.
Have we missed our assignment? John 17:20-23
Our assignment Galatians 3:28
7. Just a service or Bible Study?
EBC+TF(True Freedom is a ministry housed on our campus that aids men’s reentry after prison, also aid while incarcerated)+God= more than just a bible study. It’s bigger than that. Bible Study is being moved to Thursday evening to begin bridging the divide.
-God calls us to move out the block
– He wants us to be united and to unite the kingdom
When God is going to move in our season, He just wants our yes. Just be available
– some are looking for a miracle…….Keep Looking!

*Mission “Loving God and our neighbors, making disciples, sharing the Good News, and doing ministry everywhere for God’s glory”

Pastor Richard Gibson

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