What/Who do you see? Are you….? Your choice….?

Title: What/Who do you see? Are you….? Your choice….?
Text: Genesis 2:7-18 / Genesis 3:1-13
-Remember if God created you, He can substain you.
– We first view lack of accountability in Genesis 3:12,13
-Tree of life/ knowledge of good and evil presented the choice to obey or not.
– Accountability verses Responsibility a subtle but powerful difference
– He gave us free will but we are not free agents
A. Understand His commands
B. Obedience or consequences
C. Making the right choices and appreciate boundaries
D. Working well in community to fight the enemy.
E. His Call ——>God shows up
F. No deflection we must own our mistakes
G. Knowing His character and Promise
-we can either choose to focus on the sin or on God! The better choice is to focus on His faithfulness.
-physically and more so spiritually naked/ their stuff was just out there.

“In what way in your life are you a free agent? When you’re not accountable to God?
Your choice here will determine your path.

Pastor Richard M Gibson

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