Title: How Can I Make Every Day A Great Day? Am I Getting Better?

Title: How can I make every day a great day? Am I getting better?
Text: Acts 8:4-25
1) Context- scattered and havoc- Samaria?
-Paul persecuting church/people scattered
-the people scattered but they got busy/ it’s time for us to get busy
2) Discipleship-you need the better version……Philip preached Christ. (verse 5)
-when you’re in relationship with God you want it not just for you, but others as well.
3) The people need to hear and see something with the new version or…..(verse 6&13)
-they need to see something done within us right now/ not just in the Bible.
-sometimes the issue is within us as to why we don’t see the miracle
4) What happens….? And there was…(verse ?
-great joy comes from within us
5) The competition has power. (verse 10)
-opposition is competing hard/ Are we Varsity or JV?
6) The power of “the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ” is greater. 1 John 4:4
7) Simon believed. (verse 13)
8. Discipleship-apostles-you need the best version…..(verse14)
a. The Holy Spirit? Power?
i. Direction-Order my steps? Led by the Spirit.
ii. Psalms 119:133, John 16:13, and Romans 8:14. Daily list?
*your daily list should be asking God what it is He has for you to do that day.*
iii. Protection or led from temptation. Romans 8:13-15
iv. Correction or coaching. John 16:8
-we have a tough times improving because we refuse to acknowledge it needs to be corrected.
9) Simon-you can change behavior, but their heart may not be changed. Relationship?
10) Want a good day/ everyday?
-stop working in the version you got as a child.
– there’s a better version now.
*a day without the Holy Spirit are our worsts…..allow him control.*
Pastor Richard M Gibson 

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