Thoughts And Prayers


Title: #thoughtsandprayers
Text: James 2:1-19
-if there is someone with a need today, it should be met today. Not telling them to come back tomorrow.
Matt 7:6-12 there are times for discernment to be used.
– pray for more so that you can be a blessing to someone else.
1) Why? Why not? Has the exception become the rule?
2) Why the church, the most unique institution, power, and the Lord commands it! If not us……..
-where else can you go where people from all walks of life can sit together, talking, relate with a common bond.
3) First she/he needs to be quiet- listen with love and compassion. Proverbs 18:2
– sometimes people don’t want you to fix them———just be an ear.
– if God has brought them into your life you have a responsibility
4) What if God called us to a war zone? Acts 3:2-6
What is our responsibility?
– the war zone is right here…the gun violence, serial killing, crime.
5) Both and? Thoughts, prayers and encouragement
– we’re comfortable with giving only to a certain extent.
– give sacrificially…..not just money this includes time and other resources
-the church has the greatest opportunity to bring people together.
We must do all we can outside of the building to confront the nonsense some people believe about churches in general.
Pastor Richard M Gibson

Bonus Youth Sermon
What is love?
-real love is uncomfortable
-giving even when not receiving
-in love you must be ALL-IN
The best example is the love God showed in the sacrifice of His only son
Deacon Charles Ellington

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