Stuck? Is it worth…….?

Title: Stuck? Is it worth…….?
Text: II Kings 7:1-20
1. Context
There was famine in the land but tomorrow you can buy flour& barley for a penny(you’ll be ok)
2. Prophecy-God’s promises and provision continue during tough times.
-we live in the 7th most dangerous big city
-we’re the 2nd poorest big city/ below poverty line
-there’s a famine in the land
-sometimes we live as if He doesn’t have enough. Matt 6/ Philippians 4:3
-if He leads you in a certain direction, He’ll always provide.
3. Cynical opposition almost always exists
-can God open the windows of Heaven?
-when you hear the Naysayers it should make you want it more.
4. Lepers? Risk or faith?
-Luke 17:10
*Are you stuck? Job? Relationship?
-as a child of the Most High you should hate losing.
-you can either stay stuck or step out and see what God does.
5. Grace- miraculous path and provision! Won’t He do it!
6. Gatekeepers+Authority =(fill in the blank yourself)
Frustration? Discouragement? Attempts to make you quit?
-they will try to prevent your success
-my God is bigger and they don’t have the final say
7. Promise/opportunity+faith/risk( big stuff)= Good news that is worth every moment!!
-we must step out
-stop praying for the small stuff start lifting up big stuff
Transformation of neighborhoods, cities, states, countries
-God will move the enemy out.
*No matter who the gatekeeper is “I’ve got good news”
{sometimes the opposition is there to get you focused}
Pastor Richard M Gibson

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