Prayer, All Are Not Created Equal

Matthew 6:5,6      Luke 22:31-34

1. Prayer is Communication with God
-universal language{accessible}
-and an exercise of faith

2. Is it possible to learn more about prayer or…?
-always room to grow Luke 11:1
-If your reason is for those around you to hear you, those prayers aren’t as valuable as those private prayers

3. There is a difference between prayers….James 5:16
-don’t use God as an ATM
-walk in and make some deposits/ relationship makes it better *fuels the prayer*

4. I know what to do, but how do I pray??

A.   Inner room/closet {Intimacy} -designated space…just you and God
B.   Close the door Isaiah 26:3 -no remote channel surfing
C.   Secret {Privacy and Transparency} – reward you openly
D.   Because of your Faith you’ll experience His Faithfulness, which causes you to receive His favor. Hebrew 11:6 James 1:5,6

5. It is not principally about your/my sin?
-God’s focus is not on your sin but your salvation
– Not your past but on your present and your future Luke 22:32

6. Maturity in prayer invovles someone else and the future {gorwn man prayers}

7. I need prayer- and not alll prayers are created equal “The stronger the relationship…..the more powerful the prayer”


Pastor Richard Gibson

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