My Way? What A God?

Title: My way? What a God?
Text: II Samuel 12:13-23
1. What happened?
Committed adultery and murder
Leviticus 20:10 Genesis 9:6
2. Accountability? Am I wrong?
~it is understanding that I report to someone
-when we’re not accountable we place the blame on others
~at some point admit wrong Colossians 3:23-24
~there are 3200 germs just on our hands alone and if they can be that dirty why would you think that the body’s dirt(sin) wouldn’t need purging?
~one of the biggest problems in a relationship is the failure to say just two words……I’M WRONG!
3. Responsibility? What am I going to do? Success-Praise God! Psalm 32:1-11
~after accountability you must accept responsibility
4. The outcome-change? My way?
~sometimes we’ll lay on the ground in an attempt to move God/ don’t try to manipulate Him.
~He’s loving and kind but also sovereign
~He knows exactly what He’s doing when he doesn’t answer some of our prayers.
5. What a God
*dysfunctional families……What A God!!
*when we refuse to admit mistakes…..What A God!
*in the midst of our circumstances…..What A God!
*think about all you’ve done……What A God!
*how He was crucified…..What A God!!
We serve an incredible God!!!

~Bonus Youth Sermon~
I John 1:8-10
How many like making mistakes?
How many admit when you’ve made a mistake?

Pastor Richard Gibson

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