In spite of……I will…..?

Text: Psalm 34:1-8 / 1 Samuel 21:8-14
1. Foundation and context
-bless Him at all times
*For us to navigate through these times*
2. Period of PRAISE-is acknowledgement of what God has already done!
-we’ll always be good no matter what
3. PRIORITY is based upon whom you perceive is important to you.
-if you look like a fool in the storm maybe its a lack of faith.
-you cant ride the storm out solo
4. PURPOSE is not just about my success or prosperity but of others
-keeping success to yourself instead of sharing it means you’re just looking in a mirror all day long.
5. POSITIVE attitudes are not fearful or ashamed and can disengage!
6. Poor are TRANSFORMED!!
A. Cleveland is the 7th most dangerous city in the country
B. Cleveland is the 2nd poorest big city in the country
C. One out of 3 Clevelanders living in poverty
D. In our city more than half of the children live in poverty
E. It has been reported that over 20,000 homeless people live in the Cleveland area. Also there are over 2,000 empty homes in our city that are habitable right now.
F. Among the homeless, 26% are mentally ill, 38% are alcohol dependent, 26% are drug addicted, and 50% of women and children are victims of domestic violence.
G. 66% of Cleveland residents are functionally illiterate. Some Cleveland neighborhoods have an illiteracy rates as high as 95%. Functional illiteracy is defined as having math, reading, or language skills below a 4th grade level.
H. Racism is on the rise.
I. About 12% of city children under 6 who were screened for lead in 2016 and 2017 had a level of the toxin in the their blood that required action. This is about 4 times the national average.
J. The reported unemployment rates for African Americans in Cleveland is just over 7 percent, but no one really knows…..the stats are off
– we average about 130 people in our shelter which operates as an overflow after ALL other shelters are full.
– our priority….teach reading, math so people can have the skill set in obtaining jobs/ making a living.
7. The alliteration ends- Are you in? Who do you trust?

“Give Them Bread and Circuses and they will never revolt”
a.feed them
b.entertainment (tickle their fancy)
*If we as the church only has the bread and worship….we can become the circus*

Your focus can not be on who the president is, Focus on the mission He’s given us.
-the poor
-drug addicted

Pastor Richard M Gibson

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