Has anyone ever…..?


Title: Has anyone ever…..?
Text: Matthew 27:11-26
1) Sometimes a few words is better
-in the fray…..don’t talk too much
Ecclesiastes 5:2 Proverbs 10:19
-an economy of words
2) God’s truth will always be evident. Standard? Righteous?
His revelations can come through anyone/ we sometimes ignore the revelation because of the pain.
“Washing your hands….”
* If we fail to do what’s right we’re complicit with those that do wrong!!*
3) Beware of the crowd or the mob. A mob doesn’t focus on the truth or the needs of the individual, and willing to sacrifice the future for a short term “win”
-Mobs today? Mob mentality in parts of Corp. America.
*Be prepared but know He’s given you a ram in the bush.
4) Who is Barabbas- notorious, insurrection leader or revolutionary, murderer and robber
-Bar means son of
-anyone of us could have been Barabbas.
5) Has anyone ever…..?
(Two questions to answer in your mind)
– Has anyone ever falsely accused you?
a. It’s etched in your mind
b. You remember the accusations because it was important to you.
* Jesus remembers standing in “YOUR PLACE BECAUSE ITS IMPORTANT TO HIM”
– Has anyone ever stood in your place?
a. Somethings in our lives we can not handle ourselves/ we need someone to stand in our place for us.
b. -cancer, issues at work, relational issues at home…..It’s he who stands in our place.

Thank God for Jesus standing in my place!!!

Pastor Richard M Gibson.

Youth Sermon skit. What if Peter and Judas talked after their betrayal of Jesus………
Roylene Payne Charles Comic


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