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Recycling At EBC!!

Take a moment and review comments shared by Sister Cindy Regarding recycling benefits for The Haven Home:

I’m sure some of you noticed the Paper Recycling Bin in the parking lot. We are partnering with River City Paper who will collect our recycled paper and pay an amount based on weight to The Haven Home. This is a great opportunity to educe our environmental impact, reduce our own trash expenses and help the women and children at The Haven Home.

This is a 90 day trial period and we need to collect at least 1 ton per month to continue….River City will accept books..catalogs..books (paper and hardbound) magazines, junk mail and cardboard (must be flattened)  The paper cannot have any food on it.  Shredded paper is also accepted but must be bagged.


Encourage your friends and neighbors to support The Haven Home with their paper as well.

Any questions, please contact Sis Rios at 216-403-1702 or cindy,

Thank You

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