Pastor Richard M Gibson

Pastor Gibson has served as pastor of Elizabeth Baptist Church (“EBC”)
since 2002.  EBC is actively focused on evangelism and discipleship, and is
also engaged in impactful ministries.  In addition to Christian education
and worship, EBC operates a homeless shelter for pregnant women and
children, and the shelter is open 24/7 all year and holds up to 36 persons.
EBC provides a feeding and a clothing ministry that impacts over 9,000
persons each year.  EBC has adopted a local school and provides tutors and
other assistance each week.  EBC houses the largest prison ministry in the
state of Ohio, as well as the largest interfaith group in Northeast Ohio.  
Pastor Gibson has completed study at Yale University (B.A.), Syracuse
University in Italy, Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) (J.D.\M.B.A.),
Oxford University in England, and Ashland Theological Seminary (P.O.E.). 
Pastor Gibson is an adjunct law professor at CWRU law school.  Pastor
Gibson serves on several boards, and he is currently president of the Board
of the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court.  He has traveled extensively to over
25 countries.  Pastor Gibson credits and praises the Lord for all that the
Lord has done.