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Daily Devotional: “No Fear Faith”

Anyone with sense at all would want to live without trouble in his or her lives. If we could, we’d live without disappointments, mistakes, mishaps or mix-ups. We would never see a dark day, dark side or a dark cloud in the sky.

We would love to live without ever having an argument or uttering a harsh word to friend, family or foe. There would be no stress, tension, tension headaches, worry lines, wrinkled foreheads, ulcers, or premature gray hair.

Imagine days where friends would always be friendly, lovers would always be attentive, spouses would always be considerate, parents would always be charming and children would always make you proud. If we could, we’d live without failure and regrets would always be few. Pain would permanently be removed from the vocabulary. Suffering would be a figment of someone’s imagination and heartache would be songs sung for fun.

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