God has blessed Elizabeth Baptist Church (“EBC”) with a rich history. EBC was organized on April 23, 1919. EBC has focused primarily on loving God and our neighbors, doing ministry and spreading the “Good News” in the Greater Cleveland area. God has used EBC to lead and disciple thousands of persons to have a relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. EBC continues to have vibrant Christian Education, worship and ministry as core components of the congregational experience.

EBC has always been based in the inner-city with prior locations on Orange Avenue, Burwell Avenue, East 46th Street, Vinning Court, Holton Avenue, and the EBC campus is now situated at 6114 Francis Avenue. EBC has also had strong and stable leadership over the past ninety years with the following pastors: Pastor Lewis Johnson, Pastor C. Allen, Pastor Fred Hall, Pastor Lindy Winston, and presently Pastor Richard Gibson. EBC continues to build history through relevant teaching and ministry to those who are sometimes considered “the least of these” (Matthew 25: 40). In addition to corporate worship, EBC has provided shelter for homeless women and children, an interactive youth ministry, consistent food and clothing distribution to the needy, regular visits and ministry to the sick and incarcerated, and leading action on social justice issues. We would love for you to come and help us make disciples!